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June 2018

We help no matter the size of the project.

Interlink offers a unique mix of engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance services to asset owners.

Interlink Power provides the people, knowledge and expertise to help our customers grow. Safety leadership underpins every aspect of our service delivery, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver safety conscious people and help create safer worksites

Interlink Mechanical & Electrical is a market leader in providing mechanical and electrical service to our customers and comprehensive engineering services within the mechanical and electrical services arena and covering a wide range of business sectors including Power, Petrochemical, Mining, Building and General Engineering Industry. Our strength lies in the practical and innovative approaches of our team, our natural ability to think outside of the box.Interlinks workforce is ready to be mobilised at short notice to fulfill our clients needs at one or more locations.  Having access to highly qualified and experienced tradesmen and engineers, Interlink is well positioned to fulfill planned and scheduled maintenance routines, shut downs, infrastructure installations, strategic equipment relocation and decommissioning. In addition to general mechanical and electrical engineering services, Interlink can provide expertice and labour for services including welding and fabrication, fitting, high power and commercial and industrial electrical, over head line maintenance and cooling systems.

With the capacity to compliment projects large and small Interlink is your first choice for Mechanical and Electrical services. Interlink offers a unique mix of engineering, fabrication, construction, contracting and maintenance services to owners of assets across the globe.