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Interlink Power Systems specialized procurement is able to source, have remanufactured or find industrial refurbished parts for your energy plant regardless of size, complexity, or location.

Our dedication to superior service has earned us industry support from all over the world. We pack and ship gas turbine replacement and upgraded parts as soon as they are ordered. This means your turbine is back in operation much faster; reducing downtime and ultimately saving your company money. If you are tied into our LTSA services then offsite spare parts management allows for reduced capital outlay by your plant.

All parts that are shipped are inspected to meet our highest standards and quality. Our inspectors make sure that every part in our warehouse meets or exceeds OEM specifications and are shipped with a Certificate Of Conformance and assurance that each part is there to perform.

We supply a full range of gas turbine, package and Balance of Plant parts from the most basic to the most critical:

  • Hardware: Blade retainers, borescope plugs, brackets, bolts, bushings, clamps, gaskets, guides, nuts, o-rings / packings, pins, rings, rivets, seals, seal rings, screws, sight glasses, spacers, straps, washers, and many other consumables.
  • Systems Support: Accelerometers, cables, detectors, igniters, harnesses, hoses, leads, manifolds, plugs, probes, sensors, thermocouples, transducers, tubes and many others.
  • Major Assembly Accessories: Fuel Nozzles, actuators, valves, blades, vanes, rings, starters, pumps, filters, exciters, change out kits, screens, and others accessories.
  • Off-engine Components: Switches, gauges, belts, sensors, transmitters, pumps, valves, flow-meters, detectors, starters, clutches, filters, and other

Interlink Parts supports parts for but not limited to

GE                                                              Pratt & Whitney

  • LM2500 * all models                        GG4
  • TM2500                                             GG8
  • LM5000                                             FT4
  • LM6000*all models                          FT8

Industrial Frame                                    Solar Turbine

  • MS3002                                            Centaur
  • MS5002                                            Saturn
  • MS5001                                             Mars
  • MS5001 Hi Tech
  • MS6001
  • MS7001
  • MS9000

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