Engaging Interlink Power at the design stage ensures that onsite Installation and Commissioning is a flawless execution 

Interlink Powers’ team possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and practical experience that sets them apart in the field of gas turbine installation and commissioning. Their deep understanding of gas turbine systems, coupled with their hands-on experience, equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate even the most challenging situations.

What distinguishes Interlink Powers’ team is their proactive approach to problem-solving. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, they actively anticipate potential challenges and devise preemptive strategies to address them. This forward-thinking mentality is particularly valuable when engaged at the outset of a project, during the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and design stages.

By involving Interlink Power early in the project lifecycle, clients can tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience to identify and mitigate potential design concerns related to the installation and commissioning of gas turbine units. This proactive collaboration ensures that any design flaws or compatibility issues are identified and addressed before they can impact project timelines or performance.

A compelling example of Interlink Powers’ proactive approach is their involvement in overcoming civil design challenges for a client. When engaged by the client, Interlink Power immediately recognized potential issues with the civil design that could impede the successful installation and commissioning of the gas turbine units. Leveraging their expertise, they collaborated closely with the client and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that addressed the design concerns while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Through effective communication, collaboration, and ingenuity, Interlink Powers’ team successfully navigated the civil design challenges, enabling the project to proceed smoothly and on schedule. This proactive intervention not only averted potential delays and cost overruns but also enhanced the overall quality and reliability of the installation.

Interlink Powers’ proactive approach to problem-solving, combined with our deep expertise in gas turbine systems, makes them invaluable partners for clients seeking to ensure the successful installation and commissioning of gas turbine units. By engaging Interlink Power early in the project lifecycle, clients can benefit from their insights and foresight, mitigating risks and maximizing the likelihood of project success.