From our our own internal specialists,  experienced technical advisors, supervisors, and skilled labour. #Interlinkpower  forms crews for shutdown and maintenance projects in the power generation and rotating equipment machinery industries. In addition to labour, we are able to provide specialised tooling and equipment to support the requirements of each individual project.

Interlink Power provides the people, knowledge and expertise to help our customers projects and shutdowns run with the minimal issues. Our Strong Safety culture defines every aspect of our service delivery, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver safety conscious people and help create safer worksites

All trade services in one place

Mechanical Fitters and Supervisors

Our candidates have extensive and broad range of experience covering precision works on Gas and Steam Turbines, maintaining and operating power stations and gas processing and general fabrication shutdown and construction works in Mining and Resources Sector.

Electrical Fitters and Supervisors

Our electrical candidates have supported large OEM’s and can support you in constructing, installing and maintaining Generation Assets, HV Switchyards, Transformer Installs & Servicing, HV/MV/LV Switchboard Panel and Control wiring.

Boilermakers, Fabricators and Supervisors

We have undertaken and supplied Boilermaker and Fabricator labour for large scale shutdown works in the mining and resources area. These works have encompassed replacement and maintenance of wear plate technologies in raw materials processing in addition to general maintenance and construction projects

Trades Assistants, Riggers and Crane Drivers

We have candidates “Ready to Start” to support your projects. They have been vigorously screened and allocated as a resource to align their experience to your project requirements. Our database of TA’s, Riggers and Crane Drivers is extensive and these candidates have experience in many industry sectors.


We possess a wealth of recent power plant commissioning experience; Interlink Commissioning Engineers have managed or served in leadership roles in more than 200 startups & Commissioning across the global energy sector.

Interlink Group provides expert commissioning engineering services and oversight services to a diverse power industry clientele.  With extensive experience in Power Plant construction and plant operations, We specialize in the development of programs emphasizing project planning, cost controls, and optimal staffing. Our staff consists of industry professionals with a long history in the power and energy sector with a strong reputation for getting the job done on time, within budget, and without incident.

Because of our extensive capabilities and sensitivity to clients’ needs, Interlink is able to tailor its services to facilitate the commissioning of any power plant during any project phase.

We offer a broad range of both front-end and on-site services including:

  • Commissioning Estimate 
  • Review and Summarize Contract Deliverables 
  • Program Development producing a Commissioning Manual with administrative and technical guidelines for the facility. 
  • Develop Plans for Major Commissioning Evolutions identifying and/or implementing the optimum approach.
  • On-site Commissioning Management 
  • Develop Commissioning Cost Controls and Reporting 
  • Perform Compliance Gap Analysis e
  • Re-Commissioning evaluating, planning, and executing the restart of mothballed or partially completed plants.

We draw on our considerable database of lessons-learned and best practices and we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in achieving a safe, on time, and cost-effective plant start up.

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Our focus is on electrical and mechanical projects for the energy industries, particularly in the oil and gas sectors.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing ad-hoc and permanent staff placements for a variety of disciplines and services which includes:

  • Engineering Commissioning & Construction Engineers
  • Control Room Operators & Service Personnel
  • Mechanical Fitters -Electrical Fitters – Instrumentation Technicians
  • Rigging personnel
  • Turbine Mechanical Fitter Leading Hands
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Riggers
  • Operations and Maintenance Technicians
  • Operations and Maintenance Professionals I.E. Managers, Engineers & Project Support Personnel (planning, materials, cost control, etc)
  • Power Station Operators
  • Power Station Maintainers

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build sustainable and long term projects.