GE TM2500 Gas Turbine

Year: 1985 & 2004

Price: Available on Request

Status: Used

Hours: 46,6900 & 14,000

Starts: Unknown

Fuel: Gas

KW: 22,000

Hz: 50/60

Enclosure: yes


We possess two TM2500 gas turbines: one is presently operational, and the other serves as a spare onsite. The currently installed turbine, originally part of the package and manufactured in 1985, underwent a complete overhaul in 2018. It was subsequently re-installed in early December 2018 and has accumulated approximately 14,000 hours of operation since the overhaul.

Meanwhile, the spare turbine, manufactured in 2004, is currently stored onsite for long-term preservation. This unit necessitates a comprehensive overhaul of its compressor and hot section. The power turbine has approximately 46,690 hours remaining before it requires replacement. We have received a quote from a suitable vendor to perform the necessary overhaul work on this spare turbine.

Brush Generators

We have 2 Brush generators, Model Number BDAX 62-170R, similar to the GTs, with one unit currently in operation and the other serving as a spare onsite.

The installed generator was put into service in February 2020 following a midlife overhaul. The spare unit is stored onsite for long-term preservation and awaits a full overhaul. Recently, we received a quote for the complete overhaul of this spare generator.