Interlink Power offers an entire suite of scalable Operation and Maintenance solutions for generating plants. Let experienced and highly trained specialists handle the day-to-day operations of your facility.

As a full-service energy solutions company that provides comprehensive operation & maintenance solutions for power generation facilities., We can help you protect your investment by making sure it is operated and maintained perfectly every single day.

We use scalable operation and maintenance solutions for generating plants

We understand that our clients core business is not always energy plant Operation & Maintenance services and therefore require operation and maintenance (O&M) services , This is were Interlink Power steps in and excels,we ensure that your plant is operated and maintained to meet maximum reliability and consistently delivering energy to your customers at the lowest cost and highest availability and safety standards.

With our trained operators, proven operational systems and processes and diverse experience in asset management we are able to think like an asset owner, providing better insights and business outcomes for our clients.

By taking full operational responsibility,sharing our knowledge and working collaboratively with our clients, we continually deliver optimal availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk.

Deployed field personnel will provide preventive maintenance to minimise the risk of equipment and machinery breakdown. They will also perform corrective maintenance to address instances of equipment damage and malfunction. Interlink will closely monitor the performance of the facility to detect any decrease in operational efficiency and enable quicker reaction to challenges.

Interlink Provides a dedicate a team of specialists, engineers, and technicians to enable the daily operation of your power plant. To begin, we will conduct an analysis of the facility to calculate its personnel needs before deploying certified and highly trained specialists to perform necessary daily functions.


In the energy business, consistency is the norm, not the exception. We provide configure tailored turnkey solutions that meet the immediate operational needs of your facility, preventing any downtime or delays in power delivery.

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